Feeding Your Hemp Crop

Feeding Your Hemp Crop

Feeding Your Hemp Crop

One of the myths of hemp farming is that you do not need to provide proper nutrients for the plant to grow bountifully. Hemp needs nutrients that are very similar to what corn plants need. Learning about the nutrients that hemp needs allow you to provide for them so that you can harvest a more abundant crop.  

Factors Affecting Fertilizer Needs

Many different factors can affect your hemp crop’s needs for fertilizer. Of course, your weather and soil conditions are enormous factors. Land that contains more salt will need more fertilizer than other areas, so you should have a pH soil test performed. You will need less fertilizer on land that is loamy as the roots can move to take advantage of nutrients in the soil much better than in compacted earth. If the soil is too wet, then the fertilizer gets diluted, so more is required.  


Hemp uses a lot of phosphate in its germination and early growth stages. If you have good soil and the right growing conditions, then you should apply about 31 to 40 pounds of phosphate per acre of hemp. Early studies, conducted by the Canadian Hemp Trial Association, shows that you can increase the amount to 50 pounds per acre in all soil types without any ill effects. If you have clay soil, then 50 pounds is the preferred amount. As with small grains, the phosphate can be seed placed where appropriate. In ideal growing conditions and with great soil, doing this caused no ill effects. If the growing conditions were less than perfect, you should anticipate some loss of germination. Keep in mind that phosphate does not move in the soil, so it must be placed near the plants for them to receive the benefits of the phosphate.  


It is crucial to realize that hemp removes a lot of nitrogen from the soil that needs replacing before the next growing season. At harvest, hemp removes 40 kilograms per hectare of nitrogen in the seed and 160 kilograms per hectare in the stalk. During the developmental stage, hemp can use up to 6.7 kilograms of nitrogen per hectare per day. Farmers should use a separate operation to apply nitrogen to their fields by broadcasting it, side-banding it, mid-row banding it or banding it. Hemp is very sensitive to seed-placed nitrogen. You should target nitrogen at a rate of about 110 kilograms per hectare, but your soil may already have some nitrogen built up in it, so get a soil test performed.  

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