How to Market CBD Oil

How to Market CBD Oil

How to Market CBD Oil

Workers make CBD oil from hemp. It is expected to be a $22 billion industry by 2022, and oil sales already bring in more than $1 billion each year. Unlike marijuana, however, you cannot get high off it. If you are concerned about helping people improve their lives, then starting to market your own CBD oil may be the perfect opportunity for you because it can help people feel better in many ways. While the United States Federal Drug Administration has already approved it for use with some epileptic people, there is lots of anecdotal evidence that it can help people in a multitude of ways.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Often, people who feel stress and anxiety in their lives have a low serotonin level. At the same time, as a person feels more stress and anxiety, their body produces less serotonin. It is a downward cycle for many people that never ends. CBD oil may limit the amount of stress-causing cortisol produced by the body while linking itself to serotonin already in the body to make stronger bonds. Furthermore, serotonin is the happy hormone, so people often feel less anxious in social situations. From a marketing standpoint, there are about 14.8 million people who suffer from anxiety, so you have plenty of potential customers.

Improves Sleep

Another group that you can efficiently market to are those adults who routinely get less than seven hours of sleep at night. That is about 30 percent of the population. In addition to improving total sleep time, the use of CBD oil may improve the amount of REM sleep and help people fall asleep faster.

Cancer Patients

About 25% of cancer patients get little relief from traditional anti-nausea medicines. Those patients often find that using CBD oil helps reduce their nausea. Almost one in three people will develop some type of cancer within their lifetime. Additionally, about 12% of people suffer from migraines. CBD oil may help stop migraines or make them much more bearable.

Appetite Control

One common concern that many people express before they try CBD oil is that they will get the munchies as it is a well-known side effect of marijuana use. The truth is that CBD oil does not have the same effect. It is known to help people suppress their appetite, helping them get to a healthy weight. It may also be useful in helping to reduce sugar cravings.

With so many potential customers, you will find CBD oil a natural product to market. Give CBD Energy LLC a call to talk to them about their CBD distribution program. They can have this product made with your label. They will be delighted to answer any questions that you have about CBD distribution, and you will love their CBD oil that is made entirely in the United States.