Leading Your CBD Oil Customers Through the Sales Funnel

Leading Your CBD Oil Customers Through the Sales Funnel

Leading Your CBD Oil Customers Through the Sales Funnel

CBD oil sales are expected to top $1.8 billion within the next three years. If you are interested in custom branded CBD distribution, then you need to find a reliable source for your products like CBD Energy. Working only with farmers in Kentucky, they can easily distill, bottle, and label your CBD oil. While they will provide you some helpful advice, it will be up to you to lead your customers through the sales funnel until the transaction is complete. Since so many people are interested in CBD oil, however, that job is not difficult.  

Problem/ Need Recognition

The first step in the sales funnel is for people to recognize that they have a need that CBD oil may solve. As you know, CBD oil can be useful for many different purposes, but you need to tell your potential customer about some of them. Using this product can help customers sleep better, have less inflammation, lose weight, and have a healthier heart, according to some research. At this level, you should be creating content that educates consumers on CBD oil without hard-selling them. You should be using as many different advertising means as possible to gather possible consumers into your company. While it used to be that the sales funnel was a top-down process, Google analysis shows that is no longer the case. Be sure to market using as many different keywords as possible.  

Evaluate Options

At this point, you have convinced your customer that they need CBD oil, but they are not convinced that your CBD oil is the right one for them. Be very careful to not come on too strongly with your marketing, or you will drive consumers to your competitors. Try setting up personalized drip campaigns to keep customers interested in your CBD oil. While emails are the standard technique, you may also want to try one-on-one phone conversations, mentioning it to your customers repeatedly, or webinars. You need to be showing potential customers feature lists and comparison charts because the consumer has now decided to try CBD oil. At the beginning of this stage, consumers still have questions about which label to try. When consumers leave this stage, they should have decided to give your product a try.  

Repeat Business

The last step of the sales funnel is encouraging repeat business. While making the initial sale, do everything within your power to make the deal go as smoothly as possible. Then, ask consumers to leave feedback at the moment that they are likely to be happiest with your product. Take time to interact with customers on social media, through emails and other ways as they often have the best ideas on how you can improve your company.  

Are you ready to begin CBD distribution? Then, contact CBD Energy LLC to get started with your private label program. This CBD distribution company will be glad to lead you every step of the way.