Reaching CBD Oil Customers With Online Marketing

Reaching CBD Oil Customers With Online Marketing

Reaching CBD Oil Customers With Online Marketing

When President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill, it became legal to grow hemp for CBD oil in the United States. The United States Federal Drug Administration, however, still controls how you can market the product. You can only legally sell CBD oil with a Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) lower than 0.3 % online.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the keys to marketing your line of CBD oil is to create a website. You must offer current information on that website that is supported by facts. Be extremely careful not to promote any unsubstantiated medical claims regardless of how much you believe them personally. You should create a blog that you keep updated on at least a monthly basis. Use Google Analytics or another analytics program to determine if errors are preventing Google or other search engines from crawling your site. If there are errors, take steps to get them corrected immediately.

Facebook Ads

About 25 % of all website views are on Facebook. Facebook has opened its site to advertisers of CBD products that are not ingestible. In order to successfully market on Facebook, it is crucial to create a specific landing page so that you can measure the results of your advertising efforts. You will pay for each person that clicks on your advertising. The landing page cannot feature any ingestible products. You should always run two ads at a time and measure which ad gets the best results. Then, drop the weaker performing one by replacing it with a new one. You should continually repeat this process.


You can also be very successful in marketing CBD oil using email. One of the primary keys to being successful with email marketing is to create engaging headlines that make people want to open your email. Email campaigns are often best received when you let someone opt in to receiving your emails from a landing page on your website. Call the person by name in your email as it will make it seem more personal. Skip any fancy graphics or designs so that your email looks very professional. Use small paragraphs containing only the most essential information. Then, include a call-to-action telling your customer what action you want them to do next.

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