The Antibiotic Potency of CBD

The Antibiotic Potency of CBD

The Antibiotic Potency of CBD

CBD has become a wildly popular wellness product that has recently attracted much consumer attention.  Because of its positive health effects, many people have begun to question whether it offers antibiotic properties as well.  With the growing rise in antibiotic resistance, this research into CBD and its potential antibiotic potency qualities can provide many benefits for the medical community.  At CBD Energy LLC, our CBD farming ensures that the CBD products we wholesale are safe and quality products.  We hope to enlighten our consumers about the antibiotic potency of CBD in hopes to raise awareness to evidence from studies done to support this.

Health Benefits

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that comes from the hemp plant, and it has many proven wellness benefits.  Tests on diagnosed medical conditions, however, remains unclear.  More and more studies are being done to prove the positive health benefits of CBD.  If these results were substantiated in multiple medical trials, the medical community could potentially use CBD as a prescribed method of pain management.  Those who are battling issues related to anxiety, chronic pain, depression, lethargy, and epilepsy have noticed tremendously positive effects when they use CBD.  Currently, the only FDA-approved drug using CBD as an active ingredient is a drug that treats epilepsy by reducing seizures.

Antibiotic Potency

In many studies, they have shown that CBD has bacteria-killing properties that provide a similar potency to many antibiotics.  Studies have been showing that CBD quickly kills bacteria when introduced to certain situations.  It has been found effective in gram-positive bacteria, but not in gram-negative.  Gram-positive bacteria create common issues like skin infections and pneumonia.  Many skin lotions and topical products have begun to add CBD as an ingredient in order to begin treating these conditions, although nothing like this has been approved by the FDA yet.

Why This Is Important

Although the research into this looks promising, it is still in its early stages.  In many studies, bacteria have been proven to quickly develop antibiotic resistance to commonly used drugs on the market.  When introduced to CBD, the bacteria did not develop any resistance and CBD's affects were prolonged and more effective.  This is extremely important because of the growing rise in antibiotic resistance.  Antibiotics are no longer as effective as they used to be because of their prevalent and widespread use.  CBD could offer the solution many doctors have been wanting.  

When more studies and medical trials are completed, there will likely be enough evidence to continue to approve more drugs containing CBD in order to treat these common illnesses that plague many people.  With its antibiotic potency and quick bacteria-killing qualities, CBD can ultimately add a large benefit to the pharmaceutical and medical community.  Many patients that suffer from chronic pain or severe skin infections will finally find the relief they have been searching for.  If you are looking for CBD farming and quality manufactured products, contact us today to find out about our safe and quality CBD products.