Varieties of Hemp Grown in the United States

Varieties of Hemp Grown in the United States

Varieties of Hemp Grown in the United States

If you are starting to think about growing hemp in the United States, then you need to know which varieties may be available for purchase. You can import hemp seed from Canada and many other countries, or you can choose to grow hemp that others have imported. Producers in Colorado recently produced the first seeds wholly raised in the United States.  The Farm Bill of 2018 made hemp growing legal across the United States but check local and state laws before investing in CBD framing. Here are some possible choices that you may want to consider planting.

Berry Blossom

Berry Blossom offers some of the highest yields in the industry. There is less than 3% THC content in this variety, so users will never get high. The CBD content in this variety, however, can be up to 15% depending on growing conditions. The flowers on this strain are incredibly significant. When planted on 5-foot centers, the structural integrity of this plant means that farmers often harvest crops exceeding 2,500 pounds per acre.


Heavy flowers and high resin production makesC4 another favorite with farmers. Another thing that farmers love about this variety is it has over a 90% germination rate. The ratio of CBD to THC is approximately 21 to 1. Farmers need to test this variety early as it quickly matures.

Cherry Wine

Cherry wine is another favorite with many CBD farmers. It has under 3%, and farmers have grown some with 0%. Depending on where farmers grow it and the climate, cherry wine can produce up to 22% total CBD. Many growers particularly love it for its large dense flowers that have a cherry mixed with a pine aroma.


One of the significant advantages of the Lifter hemp variety is that there is no seed grows on the stem, which helps growers make sure that they can harvest all the valuable seed. It contains less than 0.3% THC, and the CBD content is over 12%. Vigorous bushy upright growth makes harvesting easier. Farmers can harvest in late August to get the most oil or leave their crop a little longer and harvest for the hemp flower market.

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