Our Team

CBD Doctors

Dr. B. King is 2nd from the left. Rachel Pardee is 2nd from the right.

Dr. B. King, Chief Science Officer (CSO)

  • Dr. King is a CSO (Chief Science Officer) of CBD Energy.
  • Serves on the board, US Hemp Roundtable, which is the most applicable hemp diagnostic body.
  • Brian has worked with several model plant species to identify, quantify, and purify plant secondary metabolites that have potential value for medicinal use. He also created transformation techniques for many plant species, particularly crop plants, and his knowledge of genome size was successfully applied to detect specific sequences by DNA blot and PCR analysis, to screen genomic libraries, and to sequence several plant genomes.

Rachel Pardee, Director of Laboratory Operations

  • Technical and educational support professional for military first responders. Operating and maintaining analytical CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, & Explosive) equipment for the military
  • Created and implemented of manufacturing batch records and standard operating protocols in pharmaceutical production
  • Published author in National Science Teachers Association journal and nationally presented biological research
  • Volunteer with Kentucky Watershed Watch


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